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Parents want their child’s birthday to be unique, fun and memorable! Planning the party, deciding on how many guest to invite, keeping cost within your budget and selecting where to have the party can be stressful for parents, but don’t worry—Boomer Bear has some great ideas to make your child’s party a perfect one!

Tucson is full of great places to have a birthday party. There are museums where kids can make discoveries, play and explore. Fitness clubs offer swimming, basketball, volleyball and outdoor fun. There’s miniature golfing, bowling, skating and theme parks with rides and games. For pet lovers you can have a unique party with animals, and for the artistic, kids can create cool pottery or paint a masterpiece on canvas. Pizza parties are always a hit with kids! You can have your party at a pizza restaurant or have the pizza delivered to the venue you choose, if the venue allows outside food. An old-fashioned party and cookout at the park is a great way for kids to run, play, crack open a piñata and even have a scavenger hunt.

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