On Valentine's Day, we get to celebrate our friends and family that we love by giving them cards, chocolates, gifts and hugs.

It’s always great to show our love and friendship for other people, but we often forget that it is just as important to love ourselves. So this Valentine’s Day, try to focus on the things about yourself that you like the most! Maybe you are kind, funny, loving to your parents, a loyal friend or really good at a sport or subject at school. It doesn't matter what those things are—what’s important is that you learn to appreciate the amazing person that you are.

You’ll find that the more you like yourself, the easier it will be to respect and be good to others.  

For Parents: Teaching Self Love to Kids Is Vital

As parents, we make it a priority to teach our children the importance of showing love, kindness and respect for those they care about.

From when they are toddlers to the time they leave the nest, we stress the need to treat people well. This is beneficial not only for the other people, but also for ourselves—it helps to ensure that good people will want to be part of our lives. What may get lost in this message is the need to love and respect ourselves. This can be a difficult journey, but very much worth pursuing. 

As we gain acceptance and respect for who we are—warts and all—the more naturally inclined we will be to treat others well. This starts a virtuous cycle of increased happiness for ourselves and the people in our lives.