Any dedicated educator can tell you: A teaching job extends far beyond the classroom. Molding the minds of future leaders while simultaneously ferrying them across the rapids of childhood and adolescence — and dealing with the economics of the job — is not for the faint of heart. Here are three solid reasons to give teachers the love and support they deserve.

Here are just three of the many, many reasons why we need to support and be kind to our educators.

1) Many teach for the love of education and to shape the minds of the coming generations; not for the love of money. ”I took a pay cut to become a teacher. It is a calling, not a job,” says one 6th grade teacher in the TED-Ed community.

2) Without a parent or guardian at hand, it’s left to the teachers and school staff to tend to the emotional well-being of students. The RULER program, which is used in over 1000 schools in the US and abroad, is currently one of the most prominent tools for teaching students these 5 important skills:

Recognizing emotions in oneself and others
Understanding the causes and consequences of emotions
Labeling emotional experiences with an accurate and diverse vocabulary
Expressing and
Regulating emotions in ways that promote growth


3) Let’s be honest, most people have at least one story about their favorite teacher that’s left a lasting impression, shaped a lifelong interest, or helped them get through a tough time. That educator’s compassion and dedication may have even brought you to where you are now. Love is a main ingredient in what makes those memories stick.

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