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Ciara Pebley

What Does GF Mean?
It Means Gluten Free.
It Also Means Good Food!

by Reporter Ciara Pebley, Copper Creek Elementary

I’m 10 years old, and I want to tell you about Celiac Disease (CD) and why the Gluten Free (GF) diet is so terrific for kids like me.

When I was 6, my mom’s doctor said she had CD.

Her symptoms were serious, including painful stomach-aches every day, headaches and terrible tiredness. The only way to get better was to not eat wheat, rye, barley or oats. Mom got better on the GF diet, and as long as she doesn’t eat anything with gluten, she stays well.

When I was 7, I got many of the same symptoms so I went GF, too. For the last three years I’ve felt just fine unless someone accidently gives me food that is not GF.

When I am at home it’s easy to stay well but at school it’s very hard. That’s because most teachers, parents and kids don’t understand how sick even one bite of cookie made with wheat or even a little noodle can make a kid like me. When there’s a party at school Mom has to make sure they are serving GF. If not, she has to send in something that is GF. It’s nice to know what not to eat so I feel well, grow up happy, learn my best and go to school instead of staying home sick. I hope at school this year teachers will listen to Mom and me and carefully read food labels.

I will bring Chef Basil K. Bear to class often. He’ll help teachers and kids get used to the idea that the GF diet is medically necessary for more and more kids these days. He will also remind them to keep food with gluten away from my plate because there is a danger of cross contamination. When you show this article to your parents they will understand how important GF is. They can visit to sign up to hear Dr. Rodney Ford speak in Tucson on Oct. 6. He is a pediatrician from New Zealand who specializes in CD, GF and allergies. There will be a delicious GF luncheon, his talk and then he will answer questions. It will be fun to introduce Dr. Ford to Chef Basil!

Reporter Michaela Schuler and Gabby Douglas

Little people in front of big cameras.

Young Reporters Go on the Air with KVOA-4

by Reporter Portia Cooper, Carden of Tucson

Have you ever wondered what it is like to be a TV news reporter? Recently I found out. On July 25, I joined seven other kids in Bear Essential News Young Reporters Program and recorded TV news reports at NBC’s KVOA-4 Studio.

The report that I taped was based on a story about the lion cubs at Reid Park Zoo that I wrote for the July issue of Bear Essential News. My report aired during KVOA’s Saturday morning children’s programming.

Being a TV news reporter was fun, but, it was also a little scary. Here are some of the highlights from my visit to the KVOA studio:

5:57 p.m.—I arrive at the KVOA building. It has tall fences and lots of security.
6:02 p.m.—Oh no! I get a new script that the news producers changed at the last minute.
6:08 p.m.—In the waiting room, the other Young Reporters and I rehearse our scripts. I have to read first because I am going to be taped first. Yikes!
6:33 p.m.—We go into the studio. It is much bigger and fancier than I thought it would be.
6:39 p.m.—I sit at the same news desk that I have seen thousands times on TV. Wow! I practice using the teleprompter. It is a little tricky.
6:43 p.m.–We start taping. It takes a few tries to get it right.
6:48 p.m.–All done! My first news report is “in the can.” The Young Reporters Program is free and for kids in grades 3-8. Stories are published in Bear Essential News, and Young Reporters go on TV with KVOA-4. The BIG YR Workshop is Saturday, Oct. 20 at KVOA. Click for details.

Tips for TV News Reporting

  • Wear solid-colored clothing. Busy prints do not look good on TV.
  • Fix your hair so that it will not be in your eyes.
  • Sit up straight, but lean forward slightly. This is called “cheating the camera” because it makes everyone look better.
  • Be still. Do not sway in your chair or fidget with your hands.
  • Smile and relax. Pretend the camera is your best friend.
  • After you finish your report, continue to look at the camera for a few seconds and smile, in case the camera is still taping.
Reporter Michaela Schuler and Gabby Douglas

How to have
a Great School Year

by Reporter Alex North,
Richardson Elementary

This year is a new start, but the question is how do you start? What can you do to make it a great school year? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

First off, we’re in school for academics, so it’s the #1 most important thing that you do well in school. If you struggle in a subject, there are many ways to get help. If your school offers afterschool tutors, I would strongly encourage you to get one. If you aren’t comfortable with someone you don’t know, ask your teacher or parent for help, after all, they’ve had to learn the same thing!

I agree that academics can be very boring sometimes, but it has its benefits. Other than a great future job and college, if you do well in those academics, you can play sports! Afterschool sports are great for getting fit, competing with others and having fun while learning a new sport. Most schools offer volleyball, football and basketball. All of these are super fun for me and hopefully you as well.

Recesses are also great for hanging out with your friends, but remember to be kind because you can have the most fun when nobody is angry with you. Have a great school year, and I hope these tips help!

Curiosity View of the Mar's Mountainous Range

Kylee interviews Dennis Green

Peeking in on
Peter Piper Pizza

by Reporter Kylee Presnell,
Lineweaver Elementary

From kids to grandparents, everyone loves going to eat and play at Peter Piper Pizza. When you walk in the door you notice the lights and sounds of the games and the smell of pizza. Did you ever wonder what it takes to run a business like Peter Piper Pizza?

I recently met with Dennis Green who is a first assistant at the Peter Piper Pizza on Broadway across from Park Place Mall. He has been there for close to a year and gave me an inside look at this very busy pizza place. The store opens at 10:30 a.m., but the prep crew arrives three hours earlier to roll out dough that’s made fresh daily.
Weekends are the busiest and are usually full of birthday parties. Green says that the upcoming Saturday they have close to 60 parties! The crew will make between 800 and 900 pizzas that day and between 400 and 500 pizzas on Sunday. He says the more than 65 employees work together to make guests happy.

Toward the back, game machines are taking in tokens and spitting out tickets! Some lucky guests hit jackpots of 500 tickets to turn in for prizes. Green says that the prize center has the largest selection in town. The most popular games are shooting games, dancing games and ball drop. For rides it’s the Himalaya and carousel. Green and the employees get to try out new games when they come in!

Peter Piper workers are proud to make sure their guest are always happy.

He proved this by treating me and my family to pizza, sides, soda and tokens! We were surprised and thankful. “One of the best parts of my job is interacting with the guests, both young and old and everyone else in between,” Green points out.

Another manager there told me to make sure to ask Green about his “yellow shirt,” so I did. Green says he carries a yellow highlighter in his shirt pocket and right before this interview it started leaking and coming through his shirt. Some of the employees teased him that it was alien fluid leaking and many other comments and jokes were made. Green had a smile on his face while sharing this silly story with me. I could see that when you work at Peter Piper you not only work hard and stay busy, but you also have fun!

Connie the elephant fighting cancer

‘ParaNorman’ Is
Spooky Fun!

by Reporter
William Phelps, Coronado

School “ParaNorman” is a super great movie that I highly recommend for kids ages 6 and up, and their friends and families.
The movie is about a boy who sees ghosts every day. Trust me, this action adventure family fun movie will make you laugh so hard that you will brag about it to everyone you know! I think you’ll really enjoy it. Norman, the boy, along with his best friend and a few other funny friends, have to save the city from a witch’s curse. Can he figure out how to do this? Does he do it? Figure out these answers for yourself when you go see “ParaNorman.”

Fall Time Means Fun Time!

by Reporter Levi Fallavollita, Old Vail Middle School

For as long as I can remember, I have liked the fall season best. The weather begins to cool down, football starts, holidays are approaching, and I’m sure the upcoming three-week fall break from school has something to do with it! 
Every year about this time I think about what costume I want to get for Halloween. I still haven’t decided this year, and I’m not sure if I’ll go trick-or-treating because I feel like I’m getting too old for that. But even if I don’t trick or treat, there’s something exciting about wearing a costume. That moment of putting on a disguise or being someone different fascinates me. 

I began to wonder when and why did people start to dress up for Halloween.  It appears Halloween originated because Nov. 1 is All Saints Day. It was believed that those who had died throughout the year and whose spirits remained behind would try to attach their spirit to someone living on the night before known as All Hallows’ Eve.

Villagers were fearful of being possessed so they would extinguish fires in their homes to make it cold and uninviting. Then they would dress in ghoulish outfits and would parade around the neighborhood being loud and destructive to scare away the spirits.

Today Halloween has developed into a fun time of trick-or-treating, bobbing for apples, telling scary stories, costume parties, carving pumpkins and possibly visiting some haunted attractions. 

There are lots of fun activities to plan this time of year. If you like to run, go to Buckalew Farms for The Great Pumpkin Race on Sunday, Oct.14 at 7:30 a.m. If you want a scary event, Nightfall at Old Tucson might be for you.  Buckalew Farms also offers tractor-drawn wagon rides into the field to pick your own pumpkins, and there's a corn maze that’ll challenge the adventuresome in your group. Whatever you decide, have a happy and safe Halloween!

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